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Regardless of what type of business you own

Buy Yelp reviews and other popular review platforms have the power to make or break your online reputation. Since its creation in 2004, approximately 184 million reviews have been logged on Yelp.

How Does Yelp Collect Reviews?

Yelp populates both star ratings and text reviews. Star ratings are a simple rating of one to five stars that are a quick and easy way for consumers to rate their experience. Text reviews are personal testimonials that accompany the star rating and can give you valuable feedback on the quality of your customer service, your online and in-store experience, and general customer satisfaction.

Why Does My Star Rating on Yelp Matter?

Yelp uses the star rating from each of your reviews to calculate an average rating. This rating is very important and can affect how often consumers see and interact with your Yelp business listing. For instance, if you own a restaurant that consistently receives 5-star ratings, your restaurant is likely to pop up most often in an online search among “best-rated” restaurants nearby when hungry customers are looking for a place to eat that has great reviews in their area. Google often ranks Yelp’s reviews near the top of the first page in organic search. And many consumers use the Yelp app to directly search for reputable local products and services.

Why should I buy

Buying Yelp reviews will improve your city/regional rating on Yelp for your business category. The higher your rating, the higher your popularity.

Yelp Reviews

We review everything!

Whether you operate a small sandwich shop in New York or a 6* hotel in Dubai, we can review everything and anything!

100% REAL Yelp Reviews

Want some additional 5* reviews on Yelp? Want to attract more customers? Increase your popularity ranking? Look no further!

Why us? provides 100% REAL Yelp reviews for YOUR company. We offer an inexpensive and friendly service.

When and Why Would I Want to Buy Yelp Reviews?

Buy Yelp Reviews If You Want to Boost Your Star Rating on Yelp QuicklyConsistent 5-star reviews on Yelp lead to a higher overall star ranking. Having a high star ranking means more visibility in organic searches with search engines like Google and Bing and on the Yelp app. Buying 5-star reviews can help your business rise in the ranks faster.

If You Want to Bury an Atypical Negative ReviewMaybe your business gets consistently flattering 5-star ratings, but you had a bad Apple employee who caused some damage by being rude to customers. One bad day in business can mean a scathing Yelp review that leaves a scar on your online reputation. While you will want to immediately respond to the poor review and make it right with the customer, they may still never change their review.

In this case, you can buy positive reviews to bury the atypical negative reviews. If You’ve Inherited Many Negative ReviewsWhen a business changes leadership, new management often inherits poor reviews. Maybe you just bought a car dealership and the previous owner has accumulated one-star Yelp reviews that accuse your business of selling Lemons, not honoring warranties, or other serious reputation-damaging issues.

What are the Risks of Buying Yelp Reviews?

Yelp’s algorithm has been cracking down on businesses that engage third parties to craft false reviews or incentivize customers to write positive reviews. But what are the consequences if you get caught buying reviews or are suspected of manipulating the system?

  1. Wasting Your MoneyIf Yelp’s algorithm suspects that a review is not genuine,

         it automatically bumps the review to the second page, where customers will not likely see it.

         This is disappointing and a complete waste of your money

  1. Losing the Trust of Your Customers If you continue to attempt to purchase false reviews for your Business Page, Yelp may take action through Consumer Alerts by flagging your business. This is the equivalent of a Scarlet Letter on your profile. A huge red box appears on your Business Page notifying customers that you’ve been caught attempting to manipulate reviews.

As you can imagine, having a formal Consumer Alert on your profile damages public opinion of your business and results in a negative online reputation that is hard to recover from.

  1. Breaking the LawAccording to Federal Trade Commission guidelines, paying for reviews and endorsements without public disclosure is illegal. If it’s suspected that your business has been generating paid reviews, you could potentially be fined. While buying false Yelp reviews is risky and illegal, it can be done.

There are many situations in which a business owner might consider paying for positive Yelp reviews, but Yelp’s algorithm has gotten much more sophisticated in recent years. Instead of risking the dreaded Consumer Alert, consider generating positive Yelp reviews organically with an Interaction Management Platform like Podium.

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    Nice work on your Yelp. I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of Yelp.

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