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    Hey, what can you expect if they can’t even read?

    Buy Fiverr Reviews  Sorry to read of your experience with Fiverr customer care. Please understand that a 3-year-old could do more than those stupid uneducated An Idiot Abroad type customer service people. They don’t value freelancers you only make them money. They break there own T&C that often I am not surprised those idiots replying as so-called customer care don’t care. Report your cause to visa or MasterCard, then you see the top scammer owners of Fiverr working. Stay as far away from as you can. in saying that there is a lot of real and genuine freelancers on the site .but with the most stupid pigs ever in customer care, scammer owners and the biggest load of scammers going Fiverr is the new style of fraud.

    Do I make good money out of it?

     yes. but I don’t know how long I will be able to do that. Probably not long. If you are thinking about joining Fiverr, please understand that the power is in the hands of the buyer. The buyer controls everything. if they want, they can get your work for free.


    If at all that mature?

    The website itself has SO MANY FLAWS it is a miracle how the site could survive through recent years – where quality matters more than ever. And then their childish popups when you (even accidentally) hit the wrong key (like say @). Fiverr is not from this world, and I foresee they go bust one day. Not soon, but they will. It’s just too crappy to exist. Oh and their “search algorithm”, what a farce. Unless you use THEIR terminology, they won’t find you what you’re looking for. I could give many examples that document that, again, teenagers work at Fiverr, who cannot devise an algorithm.

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    Thank you for this article, I was on Fiverr for two years as a translator with an excellent 5-star seller account. A buyer asked me to translate his website which I did and delivered on time, however, I didn´t get any response and 1 hour before the order would be completed by Fiverr in the 3 day´s after completion he asked for a revision on which I replied that it was okay, Another 3 days and again 1 hour before completion he asked for another revision on which I replied that I already gave him the revisions according to my gig and that I needed him to accept my work which he never did.

    I contacted CS and they told me that there was nothing wrong with that my client asked for a revision and that he was in his right. After 15 days of continuous revisions he finally canceled, Fiverr refund the money to him and his website, translated for free with my work, is now displayed on the internet. After this, I decided to close my account on Fiverr.

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      I would be lost without Fiverr Reviews. Fiverr Reviews has really helped our business. The very best. I am completely blown away.

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